Why You STILL Need Great Meta Tags for Your Website

by Celeste Bishop

in Internet Marketing Tips

First — in case you don’t know what Meta Tags are — they are discrete pieces of information you add to the behind-the-scenes coding that tells Search Engines about your site and how to display it.

Specifically, I am referring to the title you designate for your web page, the description you assign to it and the keywords that you want to be known for. This Internet Marketing Tip is super-easy, no-cost and highly effective.

Why are Meta Tags So Important to Your Success?

  • The vast majority of prospects who learn about your business find out about you (or check you out) via Search Engines. You can control how your site is presented in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by informed development of your Meta Tags — they therefore function like advertisements for your business.
  • Search Engines use Meta Tags in their ranking algorithms. So, when you build those tags using your targeted keyword phrases, you improve the likelihood of obtaining a higher ranking position.

If you don’t develop great Meta Tags for you web page, the Search Engine spider will just grab the first thing it “sees” on your page and use that. That can be really ugly — not compelling, sentences cutoff mid-point, lacking context, etc. You’ll squander a great opportunity to put your best foot forward and make a great impression — and you completely control this.

Meta tags can be a great performance management tool as well. If you are already in a top ranking position for your targeted keyword phrase yet are not seeing a robust volume of prospects come to your site one of the easiest ways to kick that up a notch is to change your Meta tags and make your title and description more compelling.

Adding keyword-rich Meta Tags to your site is super easy as well. If you have a Content Management System (CMS), you can readily add/change your Meta tags without knowing website coding. If you do have to add it directly to your website coding you’ll need a bit of upfront guidance, however, you’ll quickly pick it up and be off and running. Here’s what the Title and Description tags look like for this article to give you an idea of how easy it is:

<title>Internet Marketing Tip: You STILL Need Meta Tags for Your Site</title>
<meta name-"description" content="Don't miss this great Internet Marketing Tip that makes the case why you STILL need great Meta Tags for your website. An easy, no-cost way to influence your success." />

With just a little bit of guidance on how to build the tags (which you can readily find on the Web), you can take charge of your own destiny. Take the time to get guidance, as there are nuances to building powerful Meta Tags that can make a difference in your results.

Do this — Go to Google and put your favorite target keyword phrase in Google’s search box. Now, notice what comes up on the Search Engine Results Page. Do the titles and descriptions of the WebPages presented make you want to click through to the site? What good would it do you to be in a top ranking position if it didn’t drive strong targeted traffic to your site?

I don’t know about you but whenever I can influence ranking for my target keywords and control what people see about my business I think that’s is a good deal.

Last Item: if you’d like to see what the Meta Tags produced for this web page, go to Google’s search box and enter the title of this article. You should then see the title and description that I created with Meta Tags for this article in their SERPs. Neat.

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