Are you wondering how to get more leads into your sales pipeline?

There’s probably no better way to increase your deal flow than to pull prospects into you as they actively seek information and solutions to their problems online.

Contrast this with more classic offline forms of marketing where you are pushing your message out to the world — most of whom are not remotely interested in what you have to say. A couple of benefits immediately become apparent:

  • Pull vs. Push Advantages
  • Primed vs. Cold Leads — need we say more?
  • Credibility Enhancement
  • Speed & Flexibility
  • Cost Advantages

Using your website, blog, podcast or social media profiles as the online “Hub” that Pulls prospects into your sales funnel is a far quicker and more productive approach to marketing than Pushing your message out to a broad non-targeted audience.

Online Lead Generation enables prospects to find out about you when they are actively seeking information or solutions to issues. Instant gratification and instant ability to take action. Getting in front of them during this critical window of opportunity is every marketer’s goal.

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