Local Online Marketing That Place You In Front of Warm Prospects

Local Online Marketing

Are you invisible online? When you search online using keywords that you think should display your business – is there a sea of competitors instead of your business?

Have you noticed that when you search in Google you see other companies appear prominently in their search results?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it even matters all that much. Consider these statistics:

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses.

88% of people searching for local businesses on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

Internet is now the #1 source people use to get information about local business, even more influential than newspapers and word-of-mouth.

You don’t need to be invisible anymore. If you want to grow your local business beyond referrals, word-of-mouth or costly traditional marketing tactics such as Yellow Page Ads, Flyers, Direct Mail, Spot TV and Radio – your time has come. Internet technology advances are now making the cost-effective benefits of local online marketing accessible to local businesses. And consumers are embracing these changes to identify local businesses with a vengeance!

How Can You Get On Google’s 1st Page and More? Bring in the expertise to make this happen for your business. That’s where we come into the picture. Our Lean Local Marketing services place you squarely in front of people in the act of searching for what you provide.

  • We take companies from ZERO online visibility to the TOP of Google’s results.
  • We don’t stop at getting just one listing for local companies on the first page of Google – we go for and get MULTIPLE LISTINGS on Google’s first page.
  • We develop business presence in key social networks and consumer rating sites where people also search for, RECOMMEND and REFER businesses they like to others in their network.

Lean Local Marketing is so-named in recognition of the pared down approach we take to get the job done. We recognize the incredible need local businesses have to do just what it takes to get the level of online visibility they need to drive business results… and nothing more.

Our suite of Lean Local Marketing marketing services and programs include:

Local Search Engine Listings 

Local Online Advertising & Promotions 

Social Networking Listings 

Customer Review Site Profiles

Customer Review Development 

Specialty Programs: Healthcare, Hospitality, and Financial

You may be in a situation that necessitates anywhere from just one of these services to multiple services — it depends upon your competitive environment and situation. Whether “what it takes” for you is one service or multiple services, we offer tailored clarity and insight for your situation and the resources you need to build a strong online presence where it matters most with local online marketing.

For a complementary half-hour review of what’s possible for your unique situation, options available and where you stand in the online competitive landscape, please call or email us today.