Content Repurposing Program

Content Repurposing Program

Content Repurposing is a Marketing Bonus. You’ve already built, promoted and published or delivers your content. Now you have the opportunity to further capitalize on the incredible amount of effort that went into your content asset through repurposing.

Extend the value of your high-value marketing assets by repurposing components of the content into additional formats for creative online channel distribution  – the benefits you get from content repurposing are outstanding:

  • Enhances market authority & position
  • Improves market reach & awareness
  • Boosts visibility in search engines
  • Increases content asset ROI
  • Grows leads and sales

How Does Content Repurposing Work? 

Content repurposing is based on One Basic Marketing Truth: it’s far easier, faster and less costly to create new marketing content with existing material than to create new content from scratch. 

Repurposing occurs when selected portions of your content are reused in other formats, such as: video, presentation networks, articles, blog posts, audio podcasts, etc. and then placed in appropriate online content repurposing channels.

Among potential repurposing formats, video dominates in terms of value. Our clients commonly experience situations where their videos created from content such as webinars or white papers rank high in both YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine) and Google search results. This provides nearly unprecedented visibility and coverage – and the video thumbnail display in Google search results is eye-catching and compelling.

What’s In It For You?

You know what a huge deal it is to produce successful content; it almost seems like a no-brainer to extend the value of that work. Many people put it right up there with getting a root canal in terms of fun ways to spend time and resources. Yet, if you’re wondering why you, specifically, might take leadership in championing content repurposing for your organization consider the following questions:

Would you like to have more content with less work, expense and teeth gnashing?

Would you like to be known for out of-the-box thinking and leadership?

Would you like to do something different?

How Do We Work With You?

Really, any way you want is how we roll. We can provide turnkey content repurposing, including: 1) planning formats and channels, 2) creating repurposed content, 3) optimizing for search engines/social networks, 4) creating repeatable processes, 5) placing new content in channels, 6) promoting content, and 7) managing performance. Or we can take on any selected element to lighten your load.

Let’s Get Going!

our COntent Repurposing Program is offered under our Online Content Marketing Services. Call today to set up time to discuss how our content repurposing program can make your life easier and improve your results. You’ll come away from our initial discussion with valuable ideas and insights – even if you choose to do it in-house. 

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