Generating Internet Business Leads: Webinars

by Celeste Bishop

in Internet Marketing Tips,Podcast Episodes

Most companies are concerned with improving the volume and quality of their business leads and ensuring a predictable flow of qualified new prospects enter their sales lead pipeline. Building the sales pipeline with qualified Internet leads has the advantage of being faster and usually less resource-intense than you can achieve with more conventional tactics.

Business lead generation becomes even more of a challenge when your product or service is highly sophisticated, requiring some levels of customer education to convey value and establish trust in your capabilities.

That’s the challenge that Sarah Kling, founder and CEO of UEVision faced along with a need to do it in an expedient way, mindful of  time constraints.

Sarah’s company works with organizations to enhance the user experience and usability of their software products and websites.  As you can imagine, getting prospects to understand the value that great user experience can deliver for their results has to happen early in the sales buying cycle.

UEVision decided to experiment with Webinars and haven’t turned back… their results are outstanding. When we heard that their results were so strong that they couldn’t keep up with the demand for follow-on in-person meetings (a situation they quickly remedied) we wanted to learn more!

We asked Sarah to tell all – and she was highly informative. Tune in to learn what she has to say about:

  • Using webinars for online lead generation
  • The role of Live and On Demand webinars
  • Webinar marketing promotion tactics
  • Competitive advantages gained
  • Webinar surprises & advise
  • Marketing follow-up
  • Results

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If you’d care to learn first-hand what great user experience can do for you, UEVision continues to offer their series of highly successful webinars and you can learn more here: User Experience Webinars.

User experience and its related areas may be a rarefied topic – yet their results are powerful enough for us all to take note and learn. Generating Internet business leads faster, with less time and effort certainly might be the powerhouse to fuel your sales lead pipeline.

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