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You know that staying on top of the competition is something you should be devoting more time and energy to … but it frequently falls by the wayside in the crunch of time.

Your firm can achieve improved lead generation, sales and close rates by staying ahead of the competition – what they do, where and how they will go after your customers next – and how to use that intelligence to take action that matters.

Yet, you’re out of your element in even judging the most effective and efficient next steps to stay ahead of the competition that won’t devour your resources.

So how do you sustain and improve your competitive success? Working consistently, part-time with a competitive services agency that can quickly assess your situation, make recommendations and get the competitive intelligence research and analysis done.

Your Benefits? Focused energy that helps protect and grow your business. With actionable competitive intelligence, you can protect your valuable customer base and improve your take rate on acquiring new business.

Critical for You? The recent economic situation painfully reminded many professional service firms of the need to know what their competitors are doing and to be able to predict their competitors’ next steps. You can improve your ability to protect and grow your client base through the following activities:

  • Using competitive intelligence in business development
  • Driving qualified lead volume with a competitive website
  • Learning by observing your competitors
  • Put into practice counter-intelligence initiatives
  • Implementing an efficient competitive discovery system