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The Classic Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma – the challenge of producing competitive business plans, marketing plans and early-stage marketing and sales initiatives when resources and specialized skills are most scarce.

If ever there were a time when creating and sustaining a competitive edge was important … launching a new venture probably epitomizes that time.

If ever there were a time when every resource that you expend has to produce discernable value … entrepreneurs and their emerging companies define that time.

How do you accomplish this? Through buying spot talent. Frequently that means specialized competitive professionals that get in … get out … and move you ahead. Specialized competitive talent that gets the job done more efficiently, effectively and expediently than your core team could by struggling alone.

Your Benefits? Improved chances of not becoming road kill. Sharpened distinctions between you and your competitors in the minds of top-tier strategic partners, prospects, investors and customers.

Critical for You? You must seek innovative ways to do more with less as a near-religion. Everything that you do must position your young company for competitive advantage, such as:

  • Competitively distinct marketing collateral for investors, strategic partners, media, key employees, beta customers
  • Competitive intelligence to build market analysis, forecasts, business plans and marketing plans
  • Innovative intelligence discovery approaches for non-traditional competitors
  • Research competitors’ customers early and leverage the information for multiple purposes
  • Use your website competitively for lead generation