Mid/Large Business | OnCompeting

Mid/Large Business

When you’re successful, competition is fierce, constant and innovative at every level … they all want what you have! You’ve already done the heavy lifting … profitably growing your business. Yet your very success motivates and attracts more competition.

You can raise the bar on competition and create a powerful advantage. How do you accomplish this? Through use of competitive intelligence tools and techniques that would be difficult for less evolved companies to take advantage of, such as:

  • Benchmarking
  • Scenario Planning
  • Conversation Trackers

Your Benefits? Staying ahead of the competition is essentially being a smart competitor who takes less hits, capitalizes on more opportunities and produces less waste in decisions and actions.

Critical for You? You can ensure that your size and tenure are strong attributes through some of the following business practices:

  • Developing key employee competitive skills and insight
  • Instituting competitive alert notification networks
  • Predicting competitors’ actions before they blindside you
  • Protecting yourself from competitors’ snooping
  • Leveraging new competitive intelligence technologies that new competitors can’t afford … or fathom