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Our Technology

Technology is integrated throughout our operations. Technology shortens the distance between your being a successful competitor or just another in the competitive pack. You gain competitive intelligence and insight to help you see beyond what is happening today and enable you to become a proactive competitive leader.

We incorporate the most productive and relevant new Competitive Intelligence Technology (CIT) into your project. In addition to innovative CIT, we have developed Bishop’s Process Technology – proprietary process technologies that facilitate competitive skills development, actionable competitive intelligence discovery, rapid diagnosis and action.

Selecting the best mix of these technologies for your business enables us to spend less time finding intelligence and more time using that intelligence to make a difference in your results – creating your competitive success.

Your Benefit

Less time foraging … more time focusing. Time, energy, and insight focused on where you need it the most – on creating competitive success.

You gain actionable intelligence through the use of technology that infuses swot analysis, business plans, marketing plans, operations and more with insight that matters.