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How We Work

You may appreciate one operating principle that is central to how we work: Choice.

Choice means that we offer you a range of approaches to create competitive success for your business.

  • Outsourced Projects – completely working your project with external competitive professionals performing the work
  • Tandem – working a project alongside your team members, transferring knowledge on a new skill, technique or resource
  • Capabilities Development – training and coaching individuals and teams about competitive intelligence gathering techniques, analysis, and forecasting skills
  • Intelligence Automation – introducing a range of Competitive Intelligence Technologies (CIT) that will automate your competitive intelligence gathering
  • Process Design – developing systematic online and offline actions, tools and techniques that produce maximum competitive insight for your business
  • Gap Adjustments – recommending a range of external business resources to help you close the gap between you and your competitors
  • Informative Speech Topics – delivering information, insight and learning that your whole organization will appreciate.

Choice occurs throughout the process of working with Bishop: key milestones, work status updates, and final recommendations. Whether competitor profiles, swot analysis, gap analysis, business plans, marketing plans and more – all are selected to present options to facilitate your choice as the project evolves. Choice … and action.

Key findings, implications, options and action recommendations are presented to you using our Competitive Edge Communication™process. We use visual communication formats such as graphs, charts, matrices and mind maps because they are powerful tools that communicate crisply and save you time.

Choice is important to how we work effectively with you. Making your range of options clear and concise is how we honor your valuable time and resources.