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Celeste Bishop

Celeste Bishop Celeste Bishop is the President of Bishop Market Resources, a Competitive Services Agency that offers a range of competitor-related projects and services for businesses, entrepreneurs and professional service firms.

Celeste has extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in the field of competitive intelligence and analysis. She created AT&T’s first Consumer Communication Competitive Intelligence Organization, which was noted for its span of strategic and tactical focus as well as innovative approaches that used competitive insight to resolve volatile business challenges.

As an executive whose first accomplishments were made while under competitive siege, Celeste brings the unique perspective of someone who has built a world-class competitive analysis organization while combating daily competitive challenges. Celeste’s further skills and expertise were developed through a range of experiences in Fortune 100 companies, corporate joint ventures, early-stage technology ventures and professional service firms.

Ms. Bishop’s educational background includes a B.S. in Marketing from Rutgers University as well as Executive Education at Columbia and Stanford. Celeste is a strong believer in continuing education and recently was certified in the burgeoning area of search engine marketing.

Celeste Bishop is a frequent public speaker whose experiences range from seminars to keynote speeches for major conferences. Past speaking venues include the Software Development Forum (SDForum), Women’s Technology Cluster, U.C. Berkeley Extension,Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Annual Conference, Computer Market Analysis Group, SBA ·Cisco Systems·San Jose Entrepreneur Center (eCenter), Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, as well as company sales and business unit events. Ms. Bishop has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS Lehrer News Hour and National Public Radio programs.

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