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About Bishop

Bishop Market Resources is a Competitive Services Agency that offers the services of a wide range of competitive professionals – primary and secondary competitive intelligence researchers, competitive analysts and competitive strategists.

* We are also competitive technical specialists who recommend and install a range of innovative competitive intelligence technologies to automate, organize and streamline your competitive data gathering.
* We are competitive process experts who design smooth ways to ensure that your competitive intelligence is acted upon in a timely manner to drive business decisions, thwart competitors and identify opportunities.
* We are competitive coaches, trainers and teachers who believe that competing successfully is a learned skill. We also believe that becoming a true competitive master is part art and part science.

You might say that we have a bit of a Competitive Attitude about our approach to being a successful business competitor.

In addition to the quality of professional skills and experience we bring to your projects, and a competitive attitude that takes us beyond competitive intelligence in creating competitive success, we use proprietary processes that ensure more efficient and productive results. More information about those processes can be found at Bishop Process, Technology and How We Work.

Celeste Bishop founded Bishop Market Resources with a purpose: invigorate individuals, teams and companies with a higher level of competitive skills and awareness that empower them to create their competitive success.