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Brain Food

Brain Food is a growing resource with informative articles on the many facets of creating your competitive success, such as: competitive analysis, market analysis, forecasting, Internet and website competition, competitive intelligence technologies, actionable competitive intelligence, tools, techniques and reference sources.

Business Competition Best Practices: Win Loss Research
Win Loss Research for sales process improvement is a business competition best practice that is an easy, relatively inexpensive and powerful tool to improve your sales results. Learn what it’s all about…

The Invisible Threat: Your Competitors Website
Learn how competitors are strengthening lead generation, sales and more through their website. Add new competitive intelligence value to your competitive discovery firepower.

Developing Traffic for Your Website
Covers the process and implementation steps to attract targeted traffic and stay ahead of your competitors.

SWOT Your Competitors
Provides an overview of one of the most tried and true competitive analysis approaches going.

Creating Competitive Success
Learn about the x-factor, the art and science of competition and key competitive guidelines to build your competitive success.

Actionable Competitive Intelligence
Do you know the difference between competitive information, competitive intelligence and actionable competitive intelligence? Watch out if your competitor does!

Competitive Intelligence Technology – Intelligent Agents
Competitive Intelligence Technologies (CIT) are rapidly changing the way professionals compete. Intelligent Agents are one of four major categories and real time savers.

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